waterbased glaslacquer

Water based glass lacquers

Our water-based glass lacquers combine, on the one hand, ecological and technical advantages, during handling, storage and transport, without making compromises on the lacquers properties

Depending on the field of application, we can offer different Rhenodux - Aqua -lacquer systems.

  • Lacquers for table ware with high dishwasher resistance
  • Lacquers for beverage bottles with high mechanical resistance
  • Lacquers for perfume bottles with high chemical resistance


Aqua 810Aqua 710Aqua 410

Systems with highest resistance

  • 1 component stoving enamel – 20 minutes 170°C
  • water-dilutible
  • No dangerous goods regarding transport regulations
  • System with highest water resistance and best chemical and mechanical resistance
  • > 3000 dishwasher cycles in the industrial dishwasher respectively> 500 rinses in the household dishwasher
  • Wide field of application (cosmetics / table ware / beverage packaging / flat glass)

System with medium resistancies

  • 1 component stoving enamel – 20 minutes 170°C
  • water-dilutible
  • No dangerous goods regarding transport regulations
  • Technologically stripped version of Aqua-810
  • System with good water resistance and high chemical and mechanical resistance
  • > 150 rinses in the household dishwasher
  • Wide application (cosmetics / table ware / beverage packaging)
system for vacuum metalisation

Aqua-colour-mixing system

Same color mixing formulas for all water-based lacquers, whether Aqua 410/710 or 810

  • Quick and flexible in color mixing
  • Storage is easy due to the few products needed
  • Avoiding residual quantities, since only the quantities actually required are mixed