Glass Lacquers

Glass Lacquers

Glass is our passion – for over 30 years!

The century-old material glass receives a new brightness by modern color refinements. Colored glass fascinates, is modern and can no longer be thought away from many areas of life. Color brings the glass alive.

Paint confers color

Colorfully refined glass can express individuality. Colored glass enriches our life, whether it is as colored glass elements in the kitchen, colored glass mosaics in the bathroom or colored glassware in the dining room. In the product design of perfume bottles or beverage bottles, color serves as a marketing tool, giving the material glass a new character.

Organic colors as an environmentally friendly alternative

Our focus is exclusively on organic coating systems. These organic paints require only a fraction of the curing energy compared to ceramic paints. In contrast to many inorganic coatings, these organic systems are free of heavy metals. Furthermore, our organic coatings are an ecological alternative for the production of satined surfaces by the use of hydrofluoric acid.